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Boutique Food & Beverage
Consultancy Firm

Crafting Excellence in a Glass

Western Canada's top consulting company for making wine, beer and cider.

Gold, silver and bronze medals in international competitions.

Make and sell our own wine under the BC Wine Studio label.

Global network of skilled associates to ensure delivery of complex projects.



Strategic planning

Your idea is the starting point. Together, we can create and execute a great plan to achieve your dreams.

Business Development

We can turn your business goals into workable methods and systems.


We can roll up our sleeves, dig in and do the work for you.​

You’re an entrepreneur already in the food and beverage industry or looking to get in. You have a great idea and working capital, but you need additional expertise to turn your idea into a successful business.


We can help you to:


Develop a new product


 Start a new business

 Expand your current business

 Improve the quality or productivity of your business

 Invest profitably

We listen closely to you to learn your business and its unique culture. This lets us understand your goals with the clarity we need to help you realize your dreams.

We’re at our best working with start-ups and doing business development for small to medium-sized businesses.

Artisan Group has a wide network of associates and experts, so we can handle multi-disciplinary or complex assignments. This means we have the management savvy to deliver your project on time and to budget.

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