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We produce our own line of wines at BC Wine Studio in Okanagan Falls, BC.  Having our own wine brand shows that we have skin in the game and gives clients a way to judge our ability to deliver on our promises. (see also the Awards page for more about that). At BC Wine Studio, we can accommodate custom crush wine projects, to help get you started on your wine business journey.  The truth is in the glass, "Vinas Veritas" and our wines are a liquid business card.


We've worked on many great projects over the years, and we're listing a few of our most recent ones here as examples.

BC Wine Studio

We have created some of British Columbia’s most elegant reds, whites and rosés under two labels: Siren’s Call and The Escapist.


Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

Seaside Pearl is a land based winery in Abbotsford, BC. We helped them get a winery license, establish best practices in viticulture for their 5 acre vineyard, commission their winery and start their family business. 5 years later, they have a thriving business with strong brands and award winning wine quality.

Seaside Pearl Medal Cluster.jpg

The Two Robs

Rob Westbury and Rob Hammersley are two of our favorite clients. They each had a dream of starting a winery and we helped them get started by making their first batches, teaching them winemaking and wine business skills and then helping them establish their own wineries. Check out in Kelowna, BC and in Kaleden, BC.  The two Robs remain best friends and we are super proud of their progress.


Our Projects

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