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Rob Westbury

Nagging Doubt Wines

Mark brings a number of skills to the table that have proven invaluable to my business. He has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the wine industry. He understands how to produce a wine, from concept through to finished product, including the marketing, sales, supply chain logistics and regulatory components required for sales. He has an extensive network of suppliers, growers, and facilities that he leveraged to enable me to translate my plans into reality in a very aggressive time frame. Mark operates his business ethically and with integrity. He is a trust-worthy consultant and business partner. He listens attentively, treats his clients with respect and, above all, values his partner’s needs and goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark for your wine making project.


Eugene Vassilev

Director of Food and Beverage Operations

Dockside Brewing Company and Restaurant

Mark possesses a true passion for his work and is a consummate professional. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Mark, and I would not hesitate recommending him for consulting or business partnership opportunities.


Leo Orlandini

Operations Manager/Master Brewer
The Lion Brewery Inc.

I have been in this industry for a long time and I can honestly say that you are the best consultant I have ever worked with. You know your stuff, but more importantly, you know how breweries and packaging facilities operate in real life.


Shannon Cardinal
Red Bird Estate Winery

Mark brings many skills to the table that have been invaluable to us in establishing our vineyard and winery. Mark’s winemaking experience and knowledge have helped us to begin to develop our wine styles and he has continued to coach us to develop our own winemaking skills. Mark completed a strategic planning session with us, which helped us to clearly identify our short- and long-term goals, both personally and professionally. His overall knowledge of the industry has been invaluable to our business on all levels including: winemaking, marketing, logistics and vineyard management. Mark provides a personal and professional service and I wouldn’t hesitate to engage him for your project.


Merilee Kick



Mark’s expertise in machinery, beverage flavors, and his contacts in the industry were essential in helping us to set up our facility within a very constrained period of time. We truly appreciate your help and we’re so glad we found you!


Ben and Leanna Andrews

FireVines Product Inc.

We have been fortunate to work with Mark Simpson. Mark is passionate about wine and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wine and beverage industry. Mark took the time to listen to our ideas when others would not. He supports thinking outside the box and he supported our business launch and helped to deliver a quality product.


Tom & Lori Janusz


The Cedar Brewing Company          

Best investment we made since purchasing the pub. After just a few conversations he designed a thorough business plan that trained our new brewer and I along with short term and long term goals for the brew pub. In all my years of working with great restaurant people I have never before met anyone who was able to take such technical data and put it in such simple to understand form. His knowledge and passion for the brewing industry made him a joy to work with. Mark is a true professional in his craft. His ability to observe and adapt to whatever environment he finds himself in is probably his strongest attribute. 



Let's Work Together

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